Verifiable CPD Certificate – Mastering Tax Dispute Resolution in South Africa

$ 50,00




Enhance your accomplishment with a verified CPD Certificate upon completing the Mastering Tax Dispute Resolution program.

Upon opting for this additional feature, The Academy of Tax Law will provide a brief assessment to confirm your program completion.

Successfully fulfilling all lessons and the assessment entitles you to an electronically issued, verifiable CPD Certificate, directly acknowledging your achievement.


  • You will need to purchase the additional VALIDATED CPD CERTIFICATE.
  • The cost of the CPD VALIDATED CERTIFICATE is ZAR 920.00/ US$ 50.00.
  • Once purchased, you will receive a link to complete a short 30-question multiple-choice assessment to verify that you have completed all the materials.
    • You have to complete all 6 sessions to qualify for the VALIDATED CPD CERTIFICATE.
    • Ensure you click the MARK COMPLETE button for all sessions to validate that you have concluded the session.
    • You will not be able to activate the verification assessment (as above) even if you have purchased the VALIDATED CPD CERTIFICATE option unless you have marked the sessions as COMPLETE.
  • On successful completion, I/I/T/F will be able to verify that you have indeed completed the programme and will issue you with a CPD Certificate.


Purchasing the VALIDATED CPD CERTIFICATE is not a prerequisite to completing the programme. If you opt not to purchase the VALIDATED CPD CERTIFICATE then you will merely conclude the programme in your own time, but you will not be provided with a VALIDATED CPD CERTIFICATE.